earcentric rechargeable hearing aids with charging base


1000 in stock

1000 in stock



Life Doesn¡¯t Stop And Neither Should Your Hearing Aid.

We understand how frustrating or embarrassing it can be to lose power at the wrong moment. For mild to significant high-frequency hearing loss, EarCentric EX2 rechargeable hearing aids give you the power to go all day long, and into the night.

One Charge Is All You Need.

Before going to bed, simply place your EX2 hearing aids on the charging base. When you wake up, the batteries will be fresh and ready for a whole day of the dependable hearing.

Easy To Operate With 2 Environment Optimization Settings.

2 hearing optimization presets give you confidence that you¡¯ll be able to hear properly in every environment. Plus, they are easy to operate: One simple click to switch between quiet and noisy environments.

Innovative Noise Reduction

No more whistle with advanced feedback cancellation technology. Our noise reduction technology allows you to focus on the sounds that you want, eliminating annoying background noise.

  • 100% Digital processor
  • 12 Band digital sound processing
  • Adaptive, layered noise reduction to reduce background noise
  • Acoustic feedback cancellation
  • 12 Digital Volume Levels ¨C Rocker Switch for Easily Changing between Volume Levels and Preset Configurations
  • 46 dB of crystal clear digital amplification power
  • FDA-registered
  • For individuals who have mild to significant hearing loss

What¡¯s Included?

  • Pair Of Rechargeable Hearing Aids
  • Quick Start Kit: Comfortable tubes and ear domes, cleaning brushes and tools, and a water-resistant carrying case.
  • Sound Boost Kit: Sound boost kit included for significant and severe hearing loss.
  • Dual Charger base: Dual charging base with built-in overcharging protection circuit. Quick full charging in 3 hours (two hearing aids)


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